Consumables for metallography


ADRIA METALOGRAPHY is brand of ADRIA TOOLS ltd company specialized in trading with capitals and consumables for metallography. We offer high-quality consumables for sample preparation – metallography, petrography, preparation of specimens for optical and electron microscopy.

Our products are made in Europe, mostly in Germany.

We offer excellent quality, attractive prices and fast delivery.

Among the products that we sell are equipment and consumables for specimen preparation for the metalworking industry, automotive, aerospace, universities/colleges, geology and mining, oil and gas industry, microelectronics, human and veterinary medicine.

ADRIA TOOLS is the trading partner of Microdiamant AG and Wilhelm Winter GmbH & Co. KG and takes care of distribution of products for sample preparation in Serbian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Croatian and Macedonian market.

We are looking forward receiving your specification of consumables, according to which we will forward you our offer.

Cutting sample Adria Tools


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Methods of Preparation


For proper usage of all consumables and best results it is crucial to use appropriate consumables with appropriate modes of operation. Therefore we have recommendations which methods of preparation should be used for specific material.