Mounting is metallographic procedure that allows the operator to easy handle test samples, mostly cutout from required product.


Adria Metallurgy can supply a full range of mounting, both for hot and for cold mounting.

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Cold mounting


It is mostly used for samples which can be damaged with heating treatment. For cold mounting procedure includes mixing of powder and liquid, filled into mold.

We can offer both epoxies and methacrylates.

Mounting sample Adria Tools
Hot mounting


Hot mounting is most common used procedure, less expensive, which provide uniform size and shape of test samples. Procedure is simple and short, and it includes placing of sample and mounting compound into mounting press. Press than in a couple of minutes under high temperature and pressure produces solid piece ready for grinding and polishing.

For hot mounting, we can supply both universal hot mounting (glass fiber reinforced phenol formaldehyde resin), as well as specific hot mounting compounds (eg electrically conductive and transparent hot mounting).

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