ARUN Technology features the best performing spectrometers for any application. Choose the one matching your needs best.

ARUN Technology has been dedicated to the design, development, manufacture, sales and service of optical emission spectrometers since launching the world’s first portable CCD based metals analyser in the 1980’s.

Continuous and extensive investment in research and development is ensuring that ARUN Technology products remain at the forefront of metals analysis.

Today, ARUN Technology provides on-site, re-validating of final factory settings with QC/QA/QP testing and certifications, re-calibration testing, and is the Centre of Excellence for Product Marketing, Applications, Technical and Service Support.

The CALIBUS is the latest in a series of laser-induced breakdown spectrometers (LIBS) from ARUN Technology. It is an ideal analytical solution for QA/QC, metallurgical manufacturing and machining, the petrochemical industries, mining, scrap metal and recycling.

The ARTUS 10 is the first direct reading spectrometer using CMOS and thermoelectric cooling technology. It is the ideal spectrometer for industries that process incoming steel, non-ferrous, unknown and composite metals material for in-process testing and final quality control. It meets the needs of users looking for a high-end solution.

The ARTUS 8 provides fast, precise and accurate analyses for the perfect melt. It is our most powerful and reliable spectrometer and is well suited for the metal processing industry and perfectly suited for the metal production and inspection & contract lab industries. It is available in 3 models: the ARTUS 8 Standard, ARTUS 8 Ultimate and ARTUS 8 Visible.

The MERLIN 4 is well suited for the metal production and inspection & contract lab industries and perfectly suited for the metal processing industry. It is available in 2 models: the MERLIN 4 Ultra and MERLIN 4 Visible.