Optical measuring, Non-contact measuring solutions for process control and inspection


Optical measuring provide a number of advantages over other methods of geometry measurement:

  • Fast and easy measurement for both simple and complex samples
  • One device examines several values such as length, angle, diameter, radius etc.
  • In single operation it is possible to measured one, several or all required values
  • Eliminates operators error
  • It is possible to measure the value that conventional tools can not
  • Shorter operating time, reduced costs and increased efficiency

Depending on customer requirements, we offer different systems for different applications and specimens, in order to ensure the best working conditions and most sufficient usage.

Our engineers are at your disposal to provide you information which system is most suitable for your needs.

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Optical shaft metrology

Opticka merenja Optical measuring Adria Tools

2D and 3D optical measuring machines

Opticka merenja Optical measuring

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Optical measuring Adria Tools

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