Visual Inspection Systems – Video inspection, documentation, level indicator and locator


Wöhler‘s innovative VIS 250 Visual Inspection System enables you to easily analyze damages in pipes of Ř 40 mm and larger – and no power outlet required. Compact by design and powered by a rechargeable battery, this complete camera set is supplied in a plastic case. The camera head features a powerful, integrated light to allow you to precisely analyze damages in waste water pipes (at least Ř 40 mm) and inspect downpipes as well as flue gas lines. Absolutely essential to analyze damage quickly!

  • CCS-image technology (Cristal Clear Screen)
  • Waterproof, light-sensitive camera head with a diameter of just 26 mm easily takes bends
  • Save videos on a 4 GB SD card (Wöhler VIS 250)
  • Digital Position Indication of the camera head (Wöhler VIS 250)
  • Electronic metering displayed on monitor
  • Fully equipped mobile solution in a robust, plastic case
  • Bright TFT color monitor for razor-sharp images
  • Tiltable and removable monitor
  • Integrated video output for documentation purposes
  • Battery operating time: 2 x 120 min. with 2 rechargeable batteries (optional)
  • Data exchange via mini USB cable
Wide range of applications


Analyze damage and inspect:

  • Waste water pipes of Ř 40 mm and larger
  • Ventilation lines of Ř 40 mm and larger
  • Inspect hollow spaces; e.g. in front-wall installations
  • Flue gas lines up to approx. Ř 125 mm


  • Simply record and save pictures and videos on a 4 GB SD card (Wöhler VIS 250) for documentation and archiving purposes for you and your customers.
  • Video-output.


  • Transmitter integrated in camera head makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head
  • Pinpoint damages in pipes for repair
  • Telescopic holder makes it possible to locate damages under floors or in ceilings
  • Chalk holder with chalk to mark located damage immediately
  • Powerful LI-ION rechargeable battery