Mobile or Stationary — Measuring Systems for Roughness Measuring according to Your Requirements

The versatile Jenoptik measuring systems allow you to optimize the roughness measurement of your workpieces — for maximum quality in production. Industrial equipment that our company can provide you will meet the highest users requirement, accuracy exceed international standards, and reliability and simply to use will help every day usage of our instruments in roughness measuring. Jenoptik instruments are produced for different users, easy to use, with many technical improvements to make measurement comfortable.

You can measure the surface texture of your workpieces using tactile roughness measurement. Various measuring systems are available — from compact portable instruments for mobile applications and stationary systems for complex measuring tasks through to customer-specific specialized measuring station.

Our roughness measuring instruments are highly precise and reliable. They are ideal for daily use in production and are simple to operate, saving you time, costs and resources. Our many years of experience and extensive expertise mean that we are extremely familiar with the different requirements of our customers. We would be happy to tailor the roughness measurement systems to your workpiece-specific measuring tasks. At the same time our instruments are cost-efficiency.

All of our products are supported with wide range of probes and accessories for various aplications.